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Why is rum gone?
Drive &

In my quest to better the life I've created I have decided to go back to school to pursue getting my degree. I know most people really only feel it's a piece of paper that means nothing, but for me it is so much more. That piece of paper proves that all of my passion, my drive and my will are valid. During this quest I have applied for assistance via Scholarships as I live paycheck to paycheck and school seems financial out of reach. In applying for scholarships, I have been asked, "How has the Internet shaped your educational career thus far?" My educational career has been dead in the water since I graduated high school in 2002. I lacked a proper support system from my family that could push me and encourage me to continue my academic career. At that time the internet was well in full swing, but online school didn't seem like it was to a point where I could gain any relevant knowledge or use it to advance my potential. In 12 years I have watched the internet... (more)

discount realtors -
do they exist and are they worth it?

Are discount REALTORS real or are they a myth? They are very real, but are not what consumers would expect. Professional realtors all are able to perform the basic necessities for a real estate transaction and provide the buyer and seller the services they need. The discount part comes in for realtors that offer fewer services for less money and can benefit the buyer greatly.Informed buyers who know what they want and how to find it can save considerable money by using a top realtor . If they are not in need of the complete services of a realtor they will find some that will reimburse them for the services they do not need. Businesses such as Jason’s House have derived a system to connect buyers with pre-screened realtors and buyers agents that offer commission rebates based upon the services needed by a buyer.The system employed by Jason’s House has a prospective buyer submit the areas of the home buying process they need help with. Agents then bid on the services... (more)

the 31st

I did a double-take when I realised we've reached the final day of the month: July for what it was worth; over and done with in a blink! Hello dear reader - how was your day? On this side of the black stump Thursday and all her demands are just getting started; while I grasp hold of Morning - I feel utterly ridiculous this morning; it's like pull a rabbit out of a hat - that feeling anyway I can't stand that so instead, I'm rattling off dozens of thoughts just to warm up and get my story-telling into gear! Very difficult as most mornings, these days anyway, I stay locked away in the arctic zone until the coast is clear (as the saying goes) I mean, while I am a 'morning person' there are those in this world who'd sooner skin you alive than exchange two words so I'd rather keep myself to myself and advance the morning later on, when I can simply make coffee and toast without engaging in an all out battle of words or something. There's nothing supposed at all about today. I am... (more)

Jiu jiu wo..... :(

lumsing Bluetooth Keyboard from lumsing
lumsing Bluetooth Keyboard from lumsingThere is an energetic lumsing marketing campaign for an revolutionary transportable keyboard that functions with iOS and Android telephones and tablets and Home windows eight tablets. It has a distinctive rubber building that is little when folded for transportation however opens into a complete-sized keyboard.The lumsing Bluetooth Keyboard is meant to offer a complete keyboard answer when required, however match in a pocket for ransportation, in accordance to the builders. In actuality, it is a small lengthy to match in a pocket but it is extremely transportable with out sacrificing keyboard dimension when open up.The device is produced out of rubber and is spill-resistant. Utilizing it is as easy as unfolding it on a flat surface area and pairing it with the cellular gadget of option. It costs by way of microUSB and ought to operate for months on a cost in accordance to the lumsing people. The lumsing is so skinny and little when folded shut... (more)

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